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The origins of the existing office Liposuction Center in the county Otwock date back to the mid-90s of the last century.

Succumbing to repeated changes, change its structure, location, each time to grow and expand its offer. Finally, in 2010, became the NZOZ-em where you work a dozen people, doctors, nurses and administrative staff. The facility specializes mainly in the field of surgical operations: general surgery, plastic, Phlebology, proctology. In recent years, cryocentre patient database has grown to over 12 thousand people, not only in the country but also from abroad ...

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Liposuction is a procedure that in the most effective and irreversible gets rid of unnecessary or unwanted accumulations of fat. The procedure is not used for weight loss and body shaping or elimination of fat deposits.

These deposits typically occur in the following areas: abdomen waist inner and outer thighs (called breeches) the inner part of the knee beard and fat gynecomastia in men

In our clinic we can offer 8 types of liposuction procedures ukierunkowywanych to the needs of individual patients.

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VASER Lipo® it is ultrasonic liposuction, which allows effective removal of unwanted fat from areas of the body, such as:

  • belly
  • waist
  • knee
  • belly
  • back
  • thigh
  • gynecomastia
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Body Jet

Assisted jet liposuction (WAL)

Body-Jet ® guarantees maximum safety, comfort and efficiency for the patient. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia does not require hospitalization. During liposuction cannula WAL is fed under pressure to a special solution, which is released from the fat cells of the connective tissue while saving more fibrous structures (nerves and vessels). This substance also anesthetized and surgery area narrows minimizing the bleeding blood vessels, and after a while the same cannula is sucked out unwanted fat cells.

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N.I.L.® EVAsp® is an innovative liposuction infrasound .

This technique differs from previous methods of lipoplasty that it uses cannula are activated by compressed air, which results in

nutating MOVEMENT 3-D . This movement includes vibration, rotation and movement of the reciprocating rectilinear and ensures more efficient removal of fat than other techniques that do not szkadzając with other non-fat tissues. This allows precise body sculpting and less trauma, defined as the limit swelling, bruising and discomfort for the patient. Fat Suction takes place simultaneously with the emulsification, which can shorten the time of the operation.

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Otherwise SmartLipo laser lipolysis is an innovative and safe method specially developed for the removal of excess body fat by selective action of laser radiation on fat cells. SmartLipo gives excellent results in modeling. The quick way gets rid of unwanted inches, you can not get rid of diet or exercise. The procedure is minimally invasive and safe method of beautifying the body.

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For women

Vaserlipo method makes it possible to shape the perfect female form. With this method, there is a chance of obtaining a slim waist, shapely buttocks, flat stomach with marked furrow groin, delving on the flank, clear and simple column muscular groove between the navel. You can select the top line of the buttocks and sacral triangle with characteristic dimples. Sculpture breast is enhanced by reducing the amount of flabby skin around the armpits. The removed in this manner the fat can be used as a filler breasts. Vaserlipo treatment gets rid of excess fat from virtually every part of the female body.

For men

Method VASER High Definition Liposculpture gives men a chance to get called. radiator ie selection brzuśców straight muscles, inguinal groove, athletic chest with marked muscle. Rear body it is possible to check a triangle with two characteristic cross-hole and the surrounding musculature. Men can get rid of, like women, excess fat from multiple areas of the body (abdomen, hips, chest, shoulders, back, arms, around the pubic symphysis.

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