SmartLipo or laser lipolysis is an innovative and safe method created, in particular, for the purpose of fat tissue excess removal through selective activity of laser radiation on fat cells.   SmartLipo provides sensational effects in build modelling. It allows to get rid of undesired centimetres which cannot be removed with the use of diet or physical exercises. The procedure is a hardly invading and safe method of body adornment.

SmartLipo improves skin firmness, helps fight cellulite – persistent cosmetic defect faced even by young and slim women. Laser energy improves in a visible way the condition of flabby and uneven skin making it more firm and smooth.

A great asset of SmartLipo is its inconsiderable invasion. It is thus an excellent solution for people who are afraid of a serious surgical intervention. SmartLipo does not require general anaesthesia or hospitalisation and moreover, it enables return to work and normal lifestyle after 2 days.


SmartLipo procedure might be performed with the use of SmartLipo Deka device or BTL Lipofocus in connection with vibration liposuction.

It allows to get rid of fat that is specifically resistant to diets and exercises from such parts as:

  • face, neck – a possibility of face shape modelling, elimination of the second chin, etc.
  • arms
  • stomach
  • breasts (gynecomastia removal among men)
  • waist, hips
  • back
  • buttocks
  • thighs
  • knees


SmartLipo SmartLipo
SmartLipo SmartLipo
SmartLipo SmartLipo
SmartLipo SmartLipo