VASER Lipo®: gain body you are dreaming of

VASER Lipo® is an ultrasound liposuction, which enables effective removal of undesired fat from body regions such as:

  • stomach
  • waist
  • knees
  • stomach
  • back
  • thighs
  • gynecomastia

Everyone has areas on his/her body which are more susceptible to fat collection, even at using rigorous diet and exercises. Thanks to VASER Lipo® you can have body you were always dreaming of at short time of convalescence. Another generation of build modelling, VASER Lipo or LipoSelection®, uses ultrasound energy for precise separation of fat tissue from the surrounding tissues.

Ultrasound energy is used for years in a wide spectrum of medicinal applications. At present, gentle ultrasound energy is used in fat tissue removal. VASER Lipo®, or LipoSelection®, uses ultrasound technology in order to select the tissue. Ultrasound energy is directed to undesired fat tissue and it does not affect surrounding tissues – such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue – precipitating build modelling and return to normal activity. The greatest effectiveness and the shortest time of convalescence are things you might expect of VASER Lipo®.

What can I expect during VASER Lipo® procedure?

1. Infiltration anaesthesia is injected in fat tissue.

2. Vibrations of high frequency generated by VASER test tube cause separation of fat tissue and processing it in emulsion in connection with infiltrative fluids.

3. Fat in a form of emulsion might be easily removed with the use of specially designed VentX cannula or massage.

4. During the process of healing, your skin shall become smooth and you shall gain the effect of natural skin.

Photographs before and after the procedure: