lipotransfer MICRO&NANO FAT

On October 23 and November 18, the first in Poland trainings on the application of modern Micro & Nano Fat technology conducted by Dr. Mario Goisis took place in Kriocentrum. He is a recognized specialist in the use of lipotransfer and lipofilling in aesthetic medicine procedures.

He has over 15 years of experience in working with patients and is the author of several own textbooks for aesthetic medicine doctors, many publications on modern methods of nutrition and facial skin rejuvenation, and also the creator of patented cannulas and fat processing systems, which he uses in his practice, and he shares his practical knowledge with other doctors, conducting many trainings and giving lectures all around the world. The main topics of our training were innovative treatments using Micro & Nano Fat technology in the most delicate treatment areas, such as around the eyes, lips, neck or cleavage.

MICRO & NANO FAT is the most modern combination of regenerative medicine and volumetry. Thanks to the use of the patient’s own fat, which is the safest possible material and the optimization of the procedure from the use of anesthesia, through the processing of the collected tissue to its application, the treatment is extremely safe and gives incerdibly long-lasting results.


The procedure involves collecting a small amount of adipose tissue from the waist area with a special cannula patented by Dr. Goisis after administration of tumescent anesthesia (the same as used during liposuction). The collected material is then rinsed and filtered in a specially designed system to remove erythrocytes and anesthetic fluid from it, which could reduce the final effect of the treatment. Part of the collected fat is processed to obtain Nano Fat – micronised fat, where the adipocytes (fat cells) are destroyed and the stem cells are released.

Such material is applied just below the surface of the skin, which causes its nourishment, illumination, revitalization and tension of the skin. The remaining part of the collected fat (micro fat) is used in volumetry. It is the best and safest possible filler, because it is the patient’s own tissue. With its help, we can reduce nasolabial folds, reduce signs of fatigue around the eyes, shape up the lips and chin, improve the contour of the nose, revitalize hands, rejuvenate the neckline, and even enlarge the breasts. After proper planning, we can carry out the volumetry of the whole face in just one treatment, which thanks to a specially designed system ensures a quick process – the whole procedure can be done within 30 minutes. What is also extremely important – the effects are VERY NATURAL.

There is no adverse effect of hyper-correction, because the used instruments have been optimized so as to protect fat cells and adjacent stem cells from damage. As a result, the quality of the material used and its regenerative potential are incomparably better than in other, similar methods. The treatment does not require any special preparation by the patient, it can be considered a typical lunch-time procedure.

Proper use of both types of fat (Mico and Nano Fat) allows you to get spectacular results after just one treatment, and its effects are extremely durable. To support them, it is enough to use only simple revitalizing treatments (PRP, PRF, microneedling, etc.). The best lipofilling effects are obtained in patients with photoaging marks, whose skin is covered with many fine wrinkles, resembling parchment.

At the Liposuction Center we have many lipofilling and lipotransfer methods. Our doctors have extensive experience in their application and during the consultation they will help you choose the most appropriate method for your needs and expectations, and will resolve any ambiguities and answer questions bothering you.

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