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"Centrum Liposukcji” (Liposuction Center) is an integral part of NZOZ "Kriocentrum" operating since 1996, dealing with general surgery, phlebology, proctology, orthopedics, aesthetic gynecology, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

Liposuction procedures have been carried out in the Kriocentrum for over a dozen years. Due to the constantly growing interest of patients in this field of surgery and also with the emergence of new, minimally invasive methods, a few years ago we decided to set up a separate department, currently operating under the name "Centrum Liposukcji"

"Centrum Liposukcji" aims to provide a comprehensive approach to body-sculpting treatments, so we are talking not only about simple liposuction, but also about body sculpting (HD method), about fat transfers (transplants) to various body regions, as well as the use of fat-derived pluripotent cells (stem) in other areas of medicine.

Our interest in liposuction for many years, developing skills and acquiring experience has led to the creation of a rarely seen not only in Poland, but also in the world center where we can offer our patients the majority of fat removal techniques available in the world.


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Our offer includes the following types of liposuction procedures:

Belong to them:
  • SAL - Suction Assisted Liposuction - traditional liposuction
  • PAL -Power Assisted Liposuction - vibration liposuction
  • LAL - Laser Assisted Liposuction - laser liposuction
  • DUAL-LIPO combination of PAL or SAL with LAL
  • WAL Bodyjet - Water Assisted Liposuction - water liposuction
  • NIL - Nutrition Infrasonic Liposculpture - nutation liposuction, infrasound
  • UAL Vaser - Ultrasound Assisted Liposculpture - ultrasound assisted liposuction
We have already mentioned that liposuction is the most frequently performed surgery in the field of aesthetic surgery. Initially, this procedure was only a simple removal of fat, aimed to reduce the volume of the area. A wider approach to this treatment, gives new possibilities, not only the aforementioned reduction, but also modeling, or actually sculpting the human body, where the doctor approaches his task as an artist, only the material is not stone or wood, but fat tissue. This approach is known as HD or High Definition liposuction. The fat obtained does not have to be useless. It can be used as a material for transplantation to other parts of the body, such as breasts, buttocks or face, but also for treatment of post-traumatic scars or burns. Fat tissue is the best source for obtaining so-called stem cells (ADSC), which are used not only in aesthetics, but in more and more new areas of medicine, such as orthopedics or gynecology. Liposuction found application not only as a beautifying procedure. For the last few years, it has been the only effective, treatment method of so-called adipose edema (lipodema). The disease affects even a dozen or so percent of the female population and in extreme cases it may lead to disability. Dr Batijewski and Dr. Kłos have performed many fat extraction procedures using the most diverse equipment. Their experience resulted in the creation of the "school" liposuction, covering all elements of this procedure, from consultation and qualification, through anesthesia, surgery, post- procedural treatment and sometimes adequate response to unforeseen side effects.

Our Team

Currently, at the Centrum Liposukcji, five doctors take care of liposuction patients, who used this experience while studying. Annually, we perform about 2000 procedures of liposuction, additionally about 250 fat transplant procedures and about 100 procedures for obtaining stem cells, which makes the Liposuction Center one of the most dynamically operating centers of body modeling. We attach great significance to postoperative procedures, because in our opinion it plays a huge role, and even an integral part of the procedure. In this regard, we offer a whole range of procedures aimed at accelerating postoperative rehabilitation, improving the effect and shrinking the skin. These include pressotherapy, ultrasound therapy, carboxytherapy, mechanical vacuum massage combined with radio waves (RF), focused ultrasounds (HIFU), cryolipolysis and others. We permanently cooperate with an experienced physiotherapist who performs lymphatic massage, taking care of our patients immediately after the procedure.

dr Marek Batijewski

dr Tomasz Kłos

dr Piotr Piasny

dr Łukasz Czyżykowski

dr Michał Kłos

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dr Iwona Marycz-Langner

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In our work, we are guided primarily by the good of patients and the desire to improve their quality of life.