Fat tissue transplantation

Breast augmentation by transplantation of own fat tissue with stem cells

Breast enlargement procedure with stem cells is performed at the Liposuction Center Józefów (Warsaw) A modern method that allows you to naturally enlarge and shape breasts.

Breast enlargement is the most common plastic surgery procedure around the world. For many years, the main method used in these procedures was the implantation of implants. However, the effect was not always satisfactory for patients who were disturbed by the unnatural effect and the awareness of the presence of a foreign body in their body. To increase the satisfaction of women, gel implants without own capsules were introduced. It gave a more natural look, but it did not eliminate the second problem, i.e. a foreign body in the body. The natural filler of our body is adipose tissue, which, appropriately located, gives the human body the harmony of shapes. Thus, the best filler and the most natural is autogenous fat. As the name suggests, the procedure is based on the transplantation of your own fat tissue around the mammary gland. This is the natural location of the adipose tissue. With age, the glands disappear and are replaced by a small volume of fibrous tissue, and therefore the transplant replenishes the decreasing volume of the nipples, without significant interference in this part of the body.

Survival of the traditional BEAULI graft reached a maximum of 40-50% and it did not often give enough effect, two or more than three transplants had to be performed. To increase the percentage of surviving fat cells, a method of enriching stem cell transplantation derived from our fat was also developed. This variant requires the collection of a little more body fat, but the survival of the graft reaches even 75%. To perform a fat tissue transplant you must first collect it. This condition makes it impossible to perform the procedure in very slim patients, but for those who want to not only enlarge breasts, but also want to get rid of unnecessary fat accumulation from the abdomen, thighs, waist or even pubic mound, this is an ideal solution. The collection of adipose tissue in these areas and its transplantation to the breast significantly rejuvenates the body, not to mention improving the attractiveness of patients.



Fat tissue collection and fat graft: Vaser Lipo and Body Jet

Not every liposuction saves the structure and stem cells contained in the adipose tissue. Taking the right amount of cells for breast transplantation is possible on a larger scale by means of two liposuction methods: Body Jet and Ultrasonic Vaser Lipo. None of them requires general anesthesia or hospitalization. During the procedure, the patient is subjected to mild sedation and sleeps, while anesthesia – tumescence is administered locally to the operated area. In this solution there are several components, including adrenaline, which constricts the blood vessels. When they are narrowed, the bleeding from capillaries damaged by the cannula is very small. Thanks to this, after the procedure there are no large bruises within the collection and even when removing a large amount of adipose tissue there is no risk of anemia in the patient. Body Jet water liposuction involves the release of fat cells from its compact structure. This is done by applying a special solution through the cannula, and then, by the same route, it is sucked out together with fat and parental cells. Ultrasound liposuction Vaser lipo also relies on the release of adipose tissue and the formation of emulsions from it and infiltration fluids, but not with the help of the dissolving substance and with the help of ultrasounds. They cause vibrations within the fatty tissue that are so strong that they break the connective tissue connections between fat cells, but are too weak to damage the nerves or blood vessels. Thanks to this, the treatment is very effective in obtaining good quality material for transplantation and is not very traumatic for other tissues.


As already mentioned, there are limitations for this method absolute and relative. Among the absolute ones there are e.g. poor health, tumors, systemic diseases. Relative are e.g. some types of cancer (even in members of family) and also a small amount of body fat – importantly, not everything that a patient considers as fat can be transplanted and not all breasts are suitable for transplant to achieve a satisfactory effect. After the transplantation, the breasts are initially large, much larger than they will be after a few months after the procedure. It is caused by the physiological saline used during the procedure, a slight swelling and the fact that part of the fat will disappear during this period. However, despite the lack of immediate effect and the price of the surgery, which may seem big at first, it is worth to choose it. It is safer and more effective than traditional implants. Moreover, it does not leave large scars under the nipple, which can be very important for people whose skin is prone to keloids. Breast enlargement with fat-derived stem cell transplantation is available at the Liposuction Center in Warsaw, Józefów

Fat tissue is taken from a specific area of ​​the body, e.g. from the abdomen, thighs or loins, then is cleansed and at the end it is implanted into the chosen site.

The most common procedure performed is a graft of fat to the breast, but also to areas such as:
• face
• neck
• buttocks
• hand
• arm
• genitals (labia)


Graft fat stem cells

Obtaining stem cells from the patients’ adipose tissue is a breakthrough in the cell therapy, regenerative medicine, sports medicine, plastic surgery as well as aesthetic medicine. The process of obtaining stem cells using the UNISTATION method is quite short, takes about 50 minutes, and there is no need to hospitalize patients. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, in outpatient settings. The UNISTATION method is additionally characterized by the highest number of harvested stem cells from processed adipose tissue in comparison with other available methods. Concentrated stem cells can be used for direct injection or used for lipotransfer e.g. breast enlargement with fat enriched with stem cells.

The advantages of breast augmentation with fat:

• Safe and effective method.
• Longlasting effect.
• 100% natural look.
• Possible transplantation of own stem cells

For whom is the fat graft procedure ?
The treatment is intended for all women who want to enlarge and shape the bust while doing liposuction.

Recommendations after the procedure For 3-4 weeks you should:

• wear a sports bra
• not sleep on the stomach,
• not play sports – swimming, running, aerobic, gym (you can do excercises
only for the lower parts of the body)
• avoid the solarium and sauna
• to avoid compressions
• breasts can be gently massaged


  • duration of the
    duration of liposuction + 1h transplantation to the breast
    recent breast ultrasound examination, blood tests:
    morphology, coagulogram, glucose level, ionogram
    Local anesthesia local + intravenous – sedation
    Stay in the clinic after the procedure the patient can return home / an
    ambulatory trim
    Convalescence about 3 weeks.
    Sutures removal after 7-10 days.
    Indications glandular hypertrophy
    Visible effects immediately, and lasting effect after 3 months.

In our work, we are guided primarily by the good of patients and the desire to improve their quality of life.

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