Vibrolipo N.I.L.® EVAsp® is an innovative INFRASOUND technique.

Vibrolipo – NIL liposuction


NIL liposuction is basically a modernized version of vibration liposuction (PAL).
The innovative approach to mechanical fat loosening is based on two phenomena:

NUTATIONAL 3-D MOVEMENT. This movement includes vibration, rotation and rectilinearly reciprocating motion and provides more effective fat removal than other techniques, without damaging other non-fat tissues. This allows precise body sculpting and less trauma, understood as limiting swelling, bruising and discomfort to the patient. Fat suction is carried out simultaneously with its emulsification, which reduces the time of surgery.

The INFRASOUND liposuction impedes the conduction of pain stimuli, because it stimulates the nerves that do not transmit pain signals (non-nociceptive fibers) and causes the body to release natural endorphins. 
The analgesic effect of infrasounds is less important in our center, because in principle all patients are operated under tumescent anesthesia in combination with intravenous sedation and analgesia.

The NIL method is very effective, i.e. it shortens the time of the procedure, which is of great importance especially for large amounts of adipose tissue.
Therefore, it is used in obese patients and in the treatment of areas with low adipose tissue fibrosis.
The only downside is the lack of skin heating, which does not cause additional shrinking of the skin.
But in other cases, we use a combination of methods that is Dual LIPO by sucking up the fat tissue using NIL method, and in the final phase of the treatment by heating the skin with a laser or Vaser ultrasound probe.
The extracted fat cells in this method are suitable for the transplantation or harvesting of stem cells.
The areas that we can use this method are:

  • Abdomen
  • Waist
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Chin
  • Hamsters
  • Buttocks
  • Banana fold
  • Lipomastia, gynecomastia
  • Pubic area


Patients with severely fibrotic adipose tissue, eg after operations or coincidences such as injection lipolysis, are not good candidates for this method.
A similar problem applies to areas in which we encounter a lot of fibrous tissue, such as the waist or lipomastia in men. We have extensive experience in using this method, because we have already used it as the second center in Poland. In our clinic we offer up to 10 types of liposuction, so you can be sure that we will choose together the best and most effective method of removing unwanted fat in your case.

  • Czas trwania zabiegu w zależności od okolicy zabiegu od 2 do 5 godzin
    Wymagane badania  

    badania krwi morfologia, jonogram, koagulogram, , lipidogram, glukoza,mocznik, kreatynina, Aspat, Alat, badanie EKG – po 50 r.ż

    Znieczulenie tumescencyjne z dożylną sedacją i analgezją
    Rekonwalescencja noszenie ubranka pozabiegowego ok. 4-6 tygodni
    Zdjęcie szwów po 7-10 dniach

In our work, we are guided primarily by the good of patients and the desire to improve their quality of life.

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