N.I.L.® EVAsp® is an innovative INFRASOUND technique.

This technique differs from previous methods of lipoplastics in a way that it uses cannulas activated by compressed air thanks to which 3-D NUTATION MOVEMENT is achieved.

This movement comprises vibration, rotation and rectilinear reciprocating motion  and it guarantees more effective fat removal than other techniques without damage to other non-fat tissues. It allows for precise body shaping and less traumatism understood as reduction of swelling, bruises and discomfort for patient. Fat suction takes place in combination with its emulgation which allows to shorten operation time.

INFRASOUND vibration makes it difficult to conduct pain stimuli as it stimulates nerves which do not transfer pain signals (nonnociceptive fibers) and causes natural endorphins secretion.
This asset allows a doctor for performing liposuction under local or IV sedation and decreases pain felt by a patient, in particular, during the use of tumescent anaesthesia.