8 types of Liposuction - Your body will be perfect


Liposuction is a procedure which allows for removing surface or undesirable excess of fat tissue in an effective and irreversible way. The procedure does not serve the purpose of putting down weight but build modelling that is elimination of fat deposits.

Those deposits typically occur in regions like stomach, internal waist and external part of thighs (so-called breeches), internal part of knees, chin and fat gynecomastia among men.

In our clinic we can offer 10 types of liposuction procedures adjusted individually to our patients’ needs.

SAL – so-called classic liposuction in which cannulas are put in fat tissue, they are connected to a special apparatus that produces sub-zero pressure that allows for suction of damaged fat tissue.

PAL – that is vibration liposuction requires a device that causes the motion of cannula front-back, which facilitates release of fat cells from the neighbouring tissues allowing for their better suction.

LAL – laser lipsoction in the first phase of the procedure cannula with laser optical fibre is put in fat tissue. High energy emitted by a laser dissolves the tissue, in addition, it coagulates vessels, which causes smaller injury to a patient. Then, fat dissolved by the laser is sucked. Another benefit of this method is skin tension by heating it with the laser, which is very favourable , in particular, for patients with reduced skin flexibility or its excess.

WAL – Body Jet so-called liposuction supported by water stream. During liposuction with the use of WAL cannula special concentration is put under pressure which releases fat cells from collective tissue saving more fibrous structures (nerves and vessels) at the same time. This substance anaesthetises an operated region and narrows blood vessels to minimise bleeding. It is sucked with undesirable fat cells by the use of the same cannula.

The procedure with the use of  WAL method enables transplantation of sucked fat tissue to another region, for instance, to breasts.

NIL – Vibrolipo Vibrolipo rotational liposuction. Completely modern method of fat suction that uses a patent of Belgian company. Vibration cannula moves in three planes and emits infrasounds, which causes the release of fat from the neighbouring fibrous-vascular-neural structures.

Very effective and hardly invading method.

VASER Lipo® – is an ultrasound liposuction which facilitates effective removal of undesired fat from different body areas. Everyone has areas on his/her body which are more susceptible to fat collection, even at using rigorous diet and exercises. Thanks to VASER Lipo® you can have body you were always dreaming of at short time of convalescence. Another generation of build modelling, VASER Lipo or LipoSelection®, uses ultrasound energy for precise separation of fat tissue from the surrounding tissues.


Dual liposuction


For patients with considerable amount of fat tissue and excessive floppiness of skin. Best effects are gained by the combination of water or rotational method and laser action. Thanks to WAL or NIL we remove fat tissue exclusively and laser causes skin tension functioning in surface layer.


Type of method is selected during consultancy taking into account case study, patient’s preferences and above all, final procedure effect.

In our work, we are guided primarily by the good of patients and the desire to improve their quality of life.

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